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stimulate/satisfyone's curiosity 激发/满足某人的好 奇心
immenseintellectual curiosity强烈的求知欲
Curiositykilled the cat. 好奇害死猫
intrigue激起 的兴趣

Part II                Listening  Comprehension
Section A
1.W: A clever man hides his virtues within himself.
Afool keeps them on his tongue.
M..You mean I'm saying my own raises. In that case, I'm a fool, a thoroughfool.
Q:What do we learn from the conversation?
2.W: What does the paper say about the horrible incident that happened this morning on Flight 870 to Hong Kong?
M:  It ended with the arrest of the three  hijackers. They had forced the plane tofly  to Japan, but all the passengersand crew  members landed safely.
O..What do we learn from the conversation?
C)【精析】综合理解题。女士问男士报纸上是怎样报  道飞往香港的870次航班上的可怕事件的,男士说一共抓捕了三个劫机犯,他们试图迫使飞机飞往日本,不过最后乘客和机组人员都安全着陆。由此可知,乘客没有受到伤害。
3.M.. I'd like to transfer mone from  checkin account to my savingsaccount.
W..OK. Give me the numbers of both accounts and some identification, please.
Q:Where does the conversation most probably take place?
4.W: I'm not going to trust the restaurant critic from that magazine again. The food here  doesn't taste anything like what we had inChinatown.
M..It definitely wasn't worth the wait.
Q:What do we learn from the conversation?
D)【精析】综合理解题。对话中女士说她再也不会相  信那本杂志里的餐馆评论员了,这家餐馆的食物根  本比不上他们在唐人街吃到的食物,而男士对此表  示赞同.并说根本就不值得排队等候。由此可见这家餐馆没有达到讲话者的期望。B)选项的干扰性较大.但是对话中并没有直接指出评论员高度评价这家中餐馆.因此排除.
5.W: I can't believe Prof. Laurence is going to retire.
M:He's still to lead agraduate seminar each semester, though.   
Q:What does the man mean?
A)【精析】推理判断题。女士表示她无法相信Laurence教授要退休了,男士表示Laurence教授  退休以后每个学期还会组织一个研究生研讨会,也  就是说退休后仍积极参加学术活动。
6.W: Bob, I really_think we should meet to fig out what to do about replacingLeon. We have to find someone soon.
M:I can't come right now. I've got a meeting with Rodney. It might take all day.Can wemeet tomorrow?
   Q: What does the woman want to discuss withthe
B)【精析】事实细节题。本题询问女士想和男士讨论  的内容,对话中女士明确表示她想与男士讨论找人  顶替Leon的职位,关于Rodney的内容都是干扰  选项。
7. W: Helen won't be coming to work tomorrow.  She's finally going to the photographyexhibition.   
M:Oh, so she managed a ticket after all.  
O:What do we learn from the conversation?
D【精析】综台理解题。女士指出Helen为了看摄影展都不来上班了.男士听到这个消息才知道Helen  已经买到票了。看来Helen一直都在期待着能够买到票去看展览。
8.W: Steve has listed a few ways of motivating the employees, but these are outof touch of the  real world.
M..You just took the words out of my mouth. Let's try to persuade him to seethings our way.
Q..What do we learn from the conversation?
A)【精析】语义理解题。女士表示Steve列出的员工  激励措施脱离实际,男士表示“你抢了我的台词”,  即他们想到一块儿去了。
M:I'd like to go to the States, but if I took the job there, I won't get a verygood salary.
W:Really? I thought salaries were high there, but there would be some fringebenefits presumably~
M:Oh, yes. (9)It would be stimulating and it has some advantages.
W:What else do you have in mind7 M: Well, this position in Portugal. W: How doesit compare?
M:It offers greatest security, because it will be on a home-base contract. W: Andsalary?
M:Much better. I get an overseas allowance plus free accommodation from the firm.W: Presumably you will be given moving expenses for the Portugal job?
M:(10)Yes, but just to complicate matters, this   ssibilit offers a   st in Sao Paulo.
W: (10)That's Brazil, isn't it?
M:Yes. (10)I'll a promotion if I took a post there.
W:I'd love to go to Brazil.
M:But there are some disadvantages. (ll)I'd have to do a five-year term there.
W:That's not a problem, surely?
M:Well, not at the moment. But if there were a change in family circumstances,I'd be a long way from home.
W:But if you are worried about distance, isn't that the same problem with theStates?
M:Yes, but in the States I will be on an annual contract, so I can leave fairlyquickly if I needed to.
W:In Portugal7
M:Well, that's almost next door, isn't it? I can visit home every a few months ifnecessary.
W:I can see you've got a difficult choice to make.
M:(12)Well, fortunatelv_I don't have to make upmy mind about an~ of them yet.In fact, I haven't even been called for an interview.
9.What does the man say about the job in the States?
B)【精析】细节辨认题。对话中男士指出在美国的工作  工资低,但是这份工作很有新意,而且有一些优点。hat benefit will the man get if he took the post  ~ i~ S~o Paulo?
11.What does the man say is the disadvantage of working in Brazil?
12.What do we learn from the end of the conversation?
w:Good morning, High Mountain Savings and Loan. How may we help you?
M:(13)Well, I'm looking for the high sible on a short-term certificate todeposit an account.
W:Well, Let's see what we can do for. you. High Mountain is currently offering arate of 6.4% on the  thirteen-weekaccount for the minimum deposit of only 12 000 dollars, 6.55% on the minimumdeposit of    25 000 dollars and 6.7% ona deposit Of 50 000 dollars. Those will have yields of 6.55%, 6.71% and    6.87% respectively.
M:Rate and yield? I'm afraid I don't understand the difference.
W:Well, sir. The rate is the percentage of symbol interest paid on your money,and the yield is the total    percentageyou will receive on your account if you leave your money with us, frankly tosay here, as the     same interest rate.
M:Oh, well.., um... (14)But I'm not interested in long-term investing andthree months sounds iust fine.
W:Then perhaps you would like to open one of our high finance money marketchecking accounts. With the   minimumbalance of only 50 000 dollars, you'll get interest of 6.1% on any amount overthat, for a yearly  yield of 6.27%. Ofcourse, there is no penalty for early withdraw.
M:No, thank you. I...
W:(15)Or, could we ou to save with us if we offer ou a dining coupon book thatwill et you  a 25% discount at man of thearea's leading restaurants and cost 12 dollars and 95 cents?
M:Look, I think I'll just call around for more information. Thank you for yourtime.

13.What is the man's purpose in making the phone call?
A)【精析】目的原因题。对话中男士想办理一个利率 最高的短期存款,因此打电话向银行询问。
14.What is the man most interested in?
15.What did the woman do to persuade the man to deposit in her bank?
C)【精析】细节推断题。对话结尾,在男士说出了  N0,thankyou之后,女士为了说服男士在银行存款,表示可以提供给他当地一流餐厅的优惠券。
     Karen Smith is a buyer for a departmentstore in New York. Department store buyers purchase the goods that their storessell. (16)The not have to know what is fashionable at the moment, but also haveto guess what will become fashionable next season or next year. Most buyerswork for just one department in a store. But the goods that Karen finds may bedisplayed and sold in several different sections of the store. (17)Her jobinvolves buying handicrafts from all over the world. Last year, she made atrip to Morocco and returned with rugs, pots, dishes and pans. The year before,she visited Mexico, and bought back hand-made table cloths, mirrors with framesof tin and paper flowers. The paper flowers are bright and colorful, so theywere used to decorate the whole store. This year Karen is travelling inMalaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. Many of the countries that Karen visits havegovernment offices that promote handicrafts. The officials are glad tocooperate with her by showing her the products that are available. Karenespecially likes to visit markets in
smalltowns and villages whenever she can arrange for it. She is always looking forinteresting and unusual items. (18)Karen thinks she has the best job shecould find. She loves all the travelling that she has to do, because she oftenvisits markets and small out-of-the-way__places. She sees much more of thecountry she visits than an ordinary tourist would. As soon as she gets back toNew York from one trip, Karen begins to plan another.

16.What is said to make a good department store buyer?
D)【精析】细节辨认题。短文开头提到,KarenSmith 是一位百货公司的采购员,作为优秀的采购人员,不仅要了解当时的时尚,还要能够预测将来的时尚趋势:
17.What does Karen's job involve?
18.Why does Karen think she has got the best job?
     Vaukin de Silva is a Brazilian who livesand works in New York. Brazil's most important product is coffee and coffee isVaukin's business. He works for an international coffee institute. (19)Itrepresents Brazil and several other countries that export coffee. Theinstitute wants more people to drink more coffee. That hasn't been easy to dofor the last few months. (20)A period of freezing_weather destro ed a lare  art of Brazil's coffee cro1~. As aresult, there has been a shorta e~offee throughout the world. The shortagehas caused prices to go very high. Many people are talking about giving upcoffee until the prices come down again. All the countries that are representedin the institute want people to continue drinking coffee. They spend a lot oftime explaining the recent rise in price to newspaper reporters. They want thepublic to understand the reason for the shortage. Among the goal, Vaukin wasput in charge of an advertising campaign. The campaign will try to encouragepeople to keep on drinking coffee. Sometimes, Vaukin misses the beaches andtropical weather in Rio de Janeiro, but he likes the life in New York. (21)Heis only 27years old, and he is a good looking bachelor. There are a lot ofwomen to meet in New York and a lot of places to go with them. When he misseshome, there are several Brazilian restaurants where he can go and speakPortuguese, his native language. (22)The last few weeks, however, he's beentoo busy to think about an thin exce t coffee rices and his advertising campaign.

19.What does the passage say about the international    coffee institute?
20.Whatcaused the recent shortage of coffee throughout the world? A.细节推断题.短文中提到巴西遭遇了严寒 天气.使得大片咖啡树受损.因此全世界出现了咖啡短缺的情况。
21.What do we learn about Vaukin de Silva?
22.What has occupied Vaukin's mind for the last few weeks?
B)【精析】细节辨认题。短文结尾处提到,Vaukin  最近满脑子都是咖啡价格和咖啡推广活动的  事情。Passage Three
      Last summer, my wife and I had saved fora year to be able to take a romantic cruise to several Carib~2, islands.Because the train was scheduled to arrive in Miami, Florida several hoursbefore the sailing, we didn'-= think we'd have any reason to worry aboutgetting to the dock on time. We should've known that long distan~ trains areoften many hours late. (23)We should've taken an earlier one to allow extratime. We should have. but we didn't and we missed the boat. Because therewouldn't to be a refund of our cruise fare, if we returned home, we had to payfor a hotel room and meals in the city and an air fare to fly to the firstisland on the shipped route two days later. We missed half the cruise. Thisyear, we decided to let an experienced travel agent do our vacation planningfor us. We had to pay the full price in advance for an escorted tour.(24)We should that relaxing well-plannedtrip right now. How could we have known there would be a strike against ourairline? And why hadn't anyone advised us that the travel agency can'trefund your money unless the tour operator can get the passengers' fees backfrom the reserved hotels, the tour boat's company and so on? To avoid troublelike this, we ought to get more travel experience, but to tell you the truth,we don't want to go anywhere. (25)We're planning to spend our vacations athome for a long time to come.
23.Why did the couple fail to get to the cruise in time9
24.What does the speaker say about their trip this year?
25.What will the speaker do in the future for a vacation?
B)【精析】推理判断题。短文中提到鉴于以往的失败  旅游经历,讲话者只想待在家里过假期。
26.puzzled  【精析】句意推断题。此空后面是名词somepeople,前面是has,因此has应该是助动词,此空需要填入一个动词(词组)的过去分词,与has构成现在完成时。  结合录音填入puzzled,意为“使……迷惑”。
27.suicide【精析】固定搭配题。此空前面有commit一词 而前文中提到动物的自杀行为,故联想到固定搭  配commit suicide,为“自杀”之意。结合录音填入  suicide。
28.creatures【精析】修饰关系题。此空前面的The small是 “定冠词+形容词”的形式,因此空格处要填入一个名词作句子的主语;主语后面接定语从句,从旬  中的动词inhabit没有使用第三人称单数形式,因此确定这个名词主语是复数。结合录音填人  creatures,意为“生物”。
29.sufficiently【精析】修饰关系题。此空位于系动词is之后,形 容词large之前,故应填人副词用来修饰后面的形  容词。结合录音填入sufficiently,意为“足够地”。30.migration【精析】句意推断题。此空的前面是“冠词+形容  词”的形式,因此空格处需要填入一个名词;后面  是第三人称单数形式的动词commences,“开始”  之意,进而确定此空的名词为单数。结合录音填  入migration,意为“迁徙”。
31.destructive【精析】修饰关系题。此空与前面的their和后面 的march一起作continuin9的宾语,march此处 是名词,为“行军,前进”之意;此空与their共同作  march的定语,故猜测应该填入一个形容词。结  合录音填入destructive,意为“毁灭性的”。
32  float Oil water【精析】语义推断题:此空前面是Most,后面没有  动词.而是直接出现了名词a short time,由此确定  .Most为名词.指。大部分旅鼠”,作句子的主语,空 格处赠填入谓语部分。结合录音填入floatOil  ’vater.意为。在水上漂浮”。
33.a huge body of【精析】修饰关系题。此空前面是such,后面是不  可数名词water,故猜测此空可以填入形容词来修  饰water。此处答案并不是单个的形容词,而是一  个量词词组,结合录音填入a huge body of water,意为“大面积的水域”。
34.assulne【精析】句意推断题。此空位于情态动词may之  后,故应填人动词(词组)原形。结合录音填入  assume意为“假定,认为”。
35.obstacle【精析】句意推断题。此空的前面为another such  swimmable,“另一个能够游泳的”,说明此空需要  填入一个名词,而且是单数名词。结合录音填入  obstacle,意为“障碍(物)”。
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      The year of 2011 is a historic moment inthe process of urbanization in China, when  the  urban population exceeds the rural population for the first time. In the next20 years, it is estimated that about 350 million rural populations will migrateto cities. Such a scale of urban development is both a challenge and   an  opportunity   for   urban transportation. The Chinese governmenthas always been advocating the concept of "people-oriented"development, stressing that people should travel by buses instead of privatecars.  It also calls for theconstruction  of  " resource-saving  and environment-friendly society". Withthis explicit goal, Chinese cities can make better plans for their development,and turn  a  massive investment  to  the  development of safe, clean and economical transportation system.
2.第二句的中文中缺少主语,在翻译成英文时,我们可以使用固定搭配it is estimated/predicted that…来表达“预计”。
3.翻译第三句时,“既是挑战,也是机遇”除了译文中的表达,也可以译为not only a challenge but also an opportunity。需要注意的是,如果将not only置于句首,则主句用部分倒装,应该译为Not  only is such a scale of urban development achallenge but also it  is an opportunityfor urban transportation.
4.翻译第四句时,需要注意句子的时态。由“一直提倡”可知,该句  应用现在完成进行时,强调从过去到现在一直持续的动作,且动作有可能继续。翻译“强调……”时,既可以同参考译文一样用动  词的.ing形式作伴随状语,也可以使用定语从句,如which  stresses/emphasizes that people should travel by buses instead of  private cars。
5.翻译第五句时,需要注意“号召”的表达方法,其次要注意如何表达  “‘资源节约和环境友好型’社会”。“号召”可译为call for。“资源节  约和环境友好型’’可译为resource-savingand environment—friendly=6.最后一句比较复杂,“有了这个明确的目标”可以翻译为with复台 结构作整个句子的状语,剩下的中文内容可以翻译为两个并列分。“大量投资”还可以译为a big/huge/major investment.
urban expansion城市扩张
developpublic transportation发展公共交通 traffic jam交通拥堵
keeppace with the times与时俱进
socialsecurity system社会保障体系

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Section A
【文章来源】本文选自2014年3月13日TIME(((时代》)上的一篇文章,标题为“Let Kids Run Wild Online”(《让孩子们在网络上疯狂》)。
36.【考点】名词辨析题。J)【语法判断】空格位于代词this之后.据此推断可    以填入名词.作put的宾语.构成put...into    practice的结构:【语义判断】第一句。那些没有击垮我们的东西会    使我们更加强大”是一句俗语.表达了一种人生哲    学=备选名词中.符合句意的只有philosoph}。人    生哲学”:
37.【考点】动词辨析题:c)【语法判断】空格前是What弓l导的主语从句.空    格后是what引导的宾语从句.据此推断空格处    应填入动词第三人称单数作主句的谓语:
【语义判断】选项中.符合要求的动词有contains.   mirrors和undermines:空格前面部分句意是。他    们的网络行为”,后面部分大意是。他们的行动自    由不    时自己会做的那些事”.放推断空格    所填词的意思应该是“包括”,故答案为contains。  38.【考点】动词辨析题。B)【语法判断】空格在if引导的条件状语从句中.该    从句的主语为mobility“移动性”.空格位于    weren’t之后,据此推断可填入过去分词,构成被动语态。【语义判断】结合段首的“青少年被锁在房间里”可知,青少年的移动性受到家长的限制,故答案为    constrained“限制”。
39.【考点】动词辨析题。D)【语法判断】空格位于t0之后,此处应填入动词原    形,构成动词不定式结构,整个不定式结构后置修    饰名词freedom。【语义判断】选项中动词原形有assess和explore,又由于本句出现了identity“特性,身份”,由此可    知,此句含义应为“青少年需要自由来探索自我和    身边的世界”,故答案为explore“探究”。
40.【考点】动词辨析题。L)【语法判断】空格位于Instead of之后,据此推断    可以填入动名词。【语义判断】空格后有out,所以所填的词应该可    以和0ut搭配。选项中符合要求的有stickin9和sneakin9。stickingout表示“坚持”,意思与原文不符.故排除。sneaking out“溜走,偷跑”,符合句意.故答案为sneakin9。
41.【考点】形容词辨析题。K)【语法判断】空格位于定冠词the和名词dangers之间.据此推断可填入形容词。【语义判断】由本句中的“残忍的同龄人”和“谷歌上将会萦绕家长们下半生的那些图片和文字”可知,这些危险应该是“潜在的”危险,故答案为    potential。
42.【考点】形容词辨析题。O)【语法判断】该空格位于strangers之前,据此推断    可填入形容词。【语义判断】结合所有备选形容词词义可知,答案为violent。暴力的”:
43.【考点】动词辨析题:F)【语法判断】该空格位于介词of之后,据此推断可   填入名词或动名词.【语义判断】空格后为介词with,由此可知若填入动名词.此动名词壹与with构成固定搭配,故答    案为interactin9。交往”:
44.【考点】动词辨析题:A)【语法判断】该空格位于名词risks之前.处于动词不    定式的大结构之中.据此推断此处应填入动词原形。【语义判断】备选项中的动词原形有assess,explore和influence.可与risks搭配并符合文意的只有aSSess.故答案为assess”评定.评价”:
45.【考点】动词辨析题:N)【语法判断】该空格位于it与the learning that之间,据此推断应填入动词作谓语,而且应该是动词的第三人称单数形式。【语义判断】选项中符合要求的只有undermines,填入空格符合句意,故答案为undermines“逐渐削弱”。
  Section B
  【文章来源】本文选自2014年6月27日The New York Times(《纽约时报》)上的一篇文章,标题为“Inequality Is  Not Inevitable”(《不平等并非不可避免》)。

  B) (50)在过去一年半的时间里,《纽约时报》中的“大鸿沟”系列报道为我们提供了很多削弱一个观点的事例.这一观点是:美国有真正意义上的资本主义的基本法律。l9世纪帝国资本主义的动态不再适用于21世纪的民主国家。美国不需要如此巨大的不平等。
  C)  我们现在的这种资本主义并非真正的资本主义。想要证明这一点,可以回顾我们在经济大萧条时期的反应:我们将损失社会化,尽管收益还是私有化的。(46)最好的竞争应该是使利润趋于零,至少理论上是这样,但是我们的垄断行业还在持续赚取高额利润。公司总裁享受着平均是普通工人的295倍的收入,这个比例远远高于过去,而没有任何证据表明他们的生产力在成比例地增长。
  E)  那么,为什么美国要选择这些促使社会更加不平等的政策呢?部分原因在于随着二战逐渐淡出人们的记忆,二战带来的团结也不复存在了。(48)由于美国在冷战中大胜,似乎我们的经济体制已没有真正的竞争对手。没有了这种国际竞争,我们就没有必要证明我们的体制能够为大多数公民带来利益 F)  意识形态和利益发生了恶意结合。有些人从1991年苏联解体事件中吸取了错误的教训。(53)政府干预经济的力度从太大转变为太小。企业利益要求摆脱经济干预,即便这些干预对保护和提高我们的环境、安全、健康以及经济本身起到了很大的作用。
  I) 我们的分化程度很深:(49)经济和地理分隔使得上层人群免受底层人群问题的困扰。正如古代的国王.她们认为自己的优越地位本质上是一种与生俱来的权利。
  J)我们的经济、民主和社会已经为这些严重的不平等付出了代价。对一个经济体的真正考量,不是看它的统治者们能从税收庇护所中积累多少财富,而是要看普通民众生活得怎么样。但是,人均收入却比25年前更低了。增长的是位于社会最上层的人们的收入,他们的收入自1980年以来已经增长了近4倍。本该向下渗透(注:富人的财富逐渐惠及穷人)的财富却在开曼群岛宜人的气候中凭空消失了。 K)5岁以下的美国儿童中,有四分之一生活在贫困中,而美国为其穷人所做的少之又少。因此,穷人的下一代依旧贫困。(55)当然,没有任何一个国家能够达到提供完全平等的机会的目标。但是,为什么在美国这样一个发达国家中,年轻人的生活前景却几乎完全取决于他们父母的收入和受教育程度呢? L)在“大鸿沟”系列报道中,最悲伤的故事莫过于那些描述年轻人的沮丧的故事。这些年轻人渴望跻身    于不断缩水的中产阶级行列。骤增的学费和不断降低的收入使人们背负着更加沉重的债务负担。那    些只有高中文凭的人们的收入在过去的35年中降低了13%。
  N)(54)公平已经变成了一种商品,但只有少数人才买得起。华尔街的主管利用他们要价高昂的律师来保证他们这一阶层不为自己的恶行承担责任时(2008年的金融危机非常清晰地揭示出他们的恶行),而银行则滥用了我们的法律体系来取消抵押贷款的赎回权,并把房客驱逐出去,而有些房客甚至没有欠款。 o)半个多世纪以前,美国率先支持联合国在1948年通过的《世界人权宣言》。如今,医疗保健权是最被普遍接受的权利之一,至少在发达国家是这样。而美国,虽然也实施了《平价医疗法案》,却是个例外。很多人在最高法院没有推翻《平价医疗法案》的时候感到一丝欣慰,但有关医疗补助制度的决议的暗示并未得到充分重视。奥巴马医改的目标——确保所有的美国人都能获得医疗保健服务——受到了阻碍:24个州没有实施扩大医疗补助项目,奥巴马医改本想通过这种方式来兑现其对一些最贫穷的    人们的承诺。
  Q)不平等问题并非一个技术经济学问题。它实际上是一个实用政治学的问题。不平等不仅关乎最高边  际税率,而且关乎我们的孩子能否获得食物及所有人的公平权。如果我们能在教育、卫生和基础设施方面花费更多,那么我们现在和将来就能更好地加强我们的经济。
46.【定位】由题干中的competition和profits定位到 C)段第三句。C)【精析】同义转述题。定位句指出,最好的竞争应  该是使利润趋于零,至少理论上是这样。题干中的to the minimum是对定位句中的zer0的同义  转述,Intheory是对定位旬中的theoretically的  同义转述,故答案为C)。
47.【定位】由题干中的a greatdivision定位到A)段  第二句。A)【精析】细节推断题。定位句提到,2007年底,当美国出现经济大萧条时,人们再也无法忽视可以用来说明美国经济状况的分化。题于中的is now  characterized by是对定位句中的come to define 的同义转述,故答案为A)。
48.【定位】由题干中的themajority of its citizens和  economic model定位到E)段第三、四句。E)【精析】同义转述题。定位句提到,由于美国在冷战中大胜,似乎其经济体制已没有真正的竞争对手。没有了这种国际竞争,就没有必要证明美国  的体制能够为大多数公民带来利益。题干中的the majority of its citizens是对定位句中的most  of ollr citizens的同义转述,题干中的rival是对定位句中的a real competitor的同义转述,故答案为E)。
49.【定位】由题干中的top和privileges定位到I)段第二、三句。I)【精析】细节归纳题。定位句提到,经济和地理分 隔使得上层人群免受底层人群问题的困扰,正如古代的国王,他们认为自己的优越地位是一种与生俱来的权利。由此可知,上层的富人视其特权为理所当然。题干中的take…for granted是对定位句中的perceive.as a natural right的同义转述,故答案为I)。
50.【定位】由题干中的examples和imperial capitalism定位到B)段第一、二句。B)【精析】同义转述题。定位句提到,在过去一年半的时间里,《纽约时报》中的“大鸿沟”系列报道为我们提供了很多削弱一个观点的事例,这个观点是:美国有真正意义上的资本主义的基本法律。19世纪帝国资本主义的动态不再适用于21世纪的民主国家。题干中的Many examples是对定位句中的a wide range of examples的同义转述,basic laws是对定位句中的fundamental laws的    同义转述,故答案为B)。
51.【定位】由题干中的author和true spirit of the   market定位到P)段第二至四句。 P)【精析】细节归纳题。定位句提到,这些问题的解 决方法并不需要多么新颖,恰恰相反,让市场像正常市场那样运作就是个好起点。题于是对定位句的概括,故答案为P)。
52.【定位】由题干中的Aquarter of和prisoner population定位到M)段末句。
M)【精析】同义转述题。定位句提到,如果算上重复入狱的人数,那么这个人口仅为世界人口5%的国家的入狱人数达到了全世界入狱人数的四分之一。题干中的A quarter of是对定位句中的a  fourth of的同义转述,故答案为M)。
F)【精析】细节推断题。定位句中将政府的干预模式比喻为钟摆,明确指出政府干预经济的力度从太大转变为太小。题于中的from one extreme to   theother指的就是定位句中的from much too    much government there to much too littlehere,故答案为F)。
54.【定位】由题干中的Justice,expensive和afford 定位到N)段首句。N)【精析】同义转述题。定位句提到,公平已经变成了一种商品,但只有少数人才买得起。接着第二 句具体说明这种情况。题干中的a small number   of people是对定位句中的a few的同义转述,故答案为N)。
55.【定位】由题干中的Nocountry,provide和conapletely    equal opportunities定位到K)段第二句。
K)【精析】同义转述题。定位句提到,没有任何一个国家能够达到提供完全平等的机会的目标。题中的completely equal opportunities对应原文中的complete equality of opportunity,故答案为K)。
  Section C
  Passage One
  【文章来源】本文选自2013年5月14日TIME(《时代》)上的一篇文章,标题为“Modifying the Endless Debate Over Genetically Modified Crops”(《更改有关转基因农作物的无休止的争论》)。

56.【定位】由题干中的environmentalistopponents  定位到首段第二句。B)【精析】推理判断题。定位句指出,奉行环境保护主义的反对者们反对转基因食品是因为转基    因食品邪恶、没有经过充分研究并可能成为大型农业公司控制全球种子市场和压榨当地农民    的工具。由此可见,B)的意思符合文意,即转基因食品是一种被大型农业公司用以垄断的    工具。
57.【定位】由题干中的controversy和two sides定位 到第二段第一、二旬。
D)【精析】细节辨认题。首句就提到了题干中的two sides,表明对双方而言,转基因食品是一个标志你是亲农业还是反科学。第二句中Butscience is exactly what we need more of when it comes to  GM foods接着指出,当涉及转基因食品时,我们更需要的是科学,故答案为D)。
A)【精析】推理判断题。题干问题为:《自然》杂志上的系列报道的主要观点是什么?该题的答案在定位句之后的句子中:The conclusion:…there is    reason to continueto use and develop them to    help meetthe enormous challenge of sustainably   feeding a growing planet.该句指出,作者看到《自然》杂志中有关转基因食品争议的报道,其结论是我们有理由继续使用和研发转基因农作物来帮助我们为人口不断增长的星球持续供应食物。故答案为A。
59.【定位】由题干中的thesolution tO agricultural  peoblems定位第三段第一、二句;
D)【精析】:定位句指出.转基因农作物并不是解决全球农业两题‘一劳永逸”的办法,但  是任何提高耕作效率的方法都是极为有用的,故答案为D)。
60.【定位】由题干中的0ngoingdebate定位到末段。 c)【精析】观点态度题。作者在定位段中指出,人们  应该拿出花在无休止讨论转基因农作物上时间的  十分之一来关注一下全球农业面临的更紧迫的挑战,故答案为C)。

61.【定位】由题干中的0bligedto d0和early decision定位到首段首句。
62.【定位】由题干中的0fferearly decision定位到首段最后一句。
63.【定位】由题干中的theproblem和for students定位到第三段第一句。
65.【定位】由题干中的theauthor advise和题文同序原则定位到最后一段。